Our clients and work tell the story of who we are

Some of the most complex organizations in the world have engaged us to help solve the challenges of business sustainability.

Earth Day International – Global Chair 1993/94

Presented with the opportunity of Earth Day’s 25th anniversary in 1995, Earth Day International engaged Dr. Brian Nattrass as Chair to help spearhead the global strategy development, organizational development, and fundraising strategy required to mobilize the Earth Day movement around the world to raise global environmental awareness on the 25th anniversary of Earth Day.

Business Sustainability Bestseller 1999

Authored by Brian and Mary, The Natural Step for Business was the groundbreaking book on business sustainability that for the first time integrated principles and practices of organizational change with principles of sustainability based in natural science as seen through the lens of The Natural Step framework for sustainability.

The Natural Step – Creation of North American Consulting Practice 1999

Brian and Mary successfully launched the corporate and municipal consulting practice of The Natural Step in both the USA and Canada in 1999. Building upon years of sustainability research and business experience, Brian and Mary undertook pioneering work across the continent in both business and municipal sustainability utilizing The Natural Step framework for sustainability.

Nike - Launch of Global Sustainability Program, starting 1999

Chosen to be part of the team that launched Nike’s first sustainability program in 1999, Brian and Mary have undertaken global sustainability projects for Nike right up to the present time, with the most recent being the design of Nike Retail’s Global Sustainability Strategy in 2010.

Starbucks - Global Ecological Footprint, starting 2000

Brian and Mary were selected by Starbucks to undertake its first-ever global environmental footprint analysis. The success of this program has led to numerous senior executive engagements with Starbucks over the succeeding years.

US Army – Launch of Sustainability Program, starting 2002

Brian and Mary were selected by the US Army to design and help implement a national and then global sustainability program for all Army operations—from infrastructure to training to industrial operations. Brian and Mary currently teach a 5-day sustainability intensive for senior Army officers that continues to drive and further develop a sustainability ethos across the Army’s global operations.

Business Sustainability Bestseller in 2002

Authored by Brian and Mary, Dancing with the Tiger continued to document their groundbreaking work in business sustainability, integrating natural science with the principles and practice of organizational change, including original case studies of business sustainability as applied at Nike, Starbucks, the global engineering firm CH2MHIll, and one of the world’s most extraordinary mountain resorts, Whistler, BC.

Darden School of Business - Batten Fellows, starting 2005

Brian and Mary were honored by one of America’s premier business schools with Batten Fellowships in 2005 extending through 2007. In this program, they developed an award-winning multi-media sustainable business case for Darden, taught in the MBA program, and contributed additional writings and engaged with faculty on important issues of business sustainability.

Hyatt Hotels – Launch of Global Environmental Program, starting 2007

Selected by one of the world’s premier hospitality companies to develop a global environmental sustainability program, Brian and Mary helped Hyatt create a global sustainability strategy, create a global data base for monitoring environmental impacts, choose initial areas of sustainability focus, create a global employee education program, and create a global social networking site to engage Hyatt employees in sustainable development.

Nordstrom - Launch of National Environmental Sustainability Program, starting 2007

Chosen by one of America’s most prominent fashion retailers to design a national program of environmental sustainability, Brian and Mary helped Nordstrom create a national sustainability strategy, choose areas of sustainability focus, and implement programs across the country.

Target – Development of National Environmental Strategy, starting 2007

Selected by one of the world’s premier retailers, Brian and Mary helped Target to educate a senior team of executives on the key issues of business sustainability and to develop and implement a national environmental sustainability program.

REI - Launch of National Sustainability Program, starting 2007

Chosen by America’s leading retailer of outdoor gear and apparel, Brian and Mary helped educate senior REI executives on the key issues of environmental sustainability, create a national sustainability strategy for the company, and design and implement a national environmental sustainability program.

The North Face – Launch of Global Sustainability Program, starting 2008

Selected by the world’s premier outdoor gear and apparel brand, Brian and Mary helped The North Face create and launch a global sustainability strategy, including educating all North Face associates in the fundamentals of corporate sustainability and working with design, purchasing and production teams to integrate environmental sustainability at every stage of the product lifecycle and supply chain.

VF Corporation – Launch of Global Sustainability Program, starting 2009

Chosen by the world’s largest apparel company to design and implement a global sustainability strategy applicable to all of its 30 brands worldwide, Brian and Mary actively support and coordinate the global execution of the strategy providing integrative services across all dimensions of organizational sustainability, including emphases on sustainability education and training platforms; instituting improved material efficiency processes and scorecards; exploring product stewardship and sustainability; managing energy and Greenhouse Gas emissions; and internal and external communications and project coordination employing social networking and virtual team technologies.

Bainbridge Graduate Institute - Board Member Emeritus

Dr. Mary Nattrass contributed to building the foundation of the world’s first MBA program in Sustainable Business. The BGI program seeks to develop leaders who build enterprises that are financially successful, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable.

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