The Natural Step for Business

Wealth, Ecology and the Evolutionary Corporation

Book: The Natural Step for Business - Wealth, Ecology, and the Evolutionary Corporation, by Brian Nattrass and Mary AltomareThe Natural Step for Business provides case studies of how four highly successful corporations—all great entrepreneurial success stories—are positioning themselves for lasting business success through a commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Interface and Collins Products in the USA, and IKEA and Scandic Hotels in Sweden, utilize The Natural Step Framework for Sustainability as a key component of their corporate strategy. This engaging book punctures the myth that a company must choose between profitability and care for the natural environment, and presents a timely and practical application of this inspirational framework for global sustainability.

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What people are saying about The Natural Step for Business

"The great challenge of this era is to bring human activities everywhere into alignment with the rest of the natural world. Business, with its resources and capacity for innovation, has both the opportunity and the responsibility to facilitate the transformation of industrial society. The Natural Step provides an elegant framework, a compass, to guide us on the road ahead. The Natural Step for Business is a powerful tool for all seeking a new mental model, documented with the actual experience of successful corporations, to move their business into a sustainable future."
Maurice F. Strong, Secretary General, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development;
Chair, The Earth Council; former Chairman and CEO, Ontario Hydro.

"The question confronting leaders in all sectors is how to build enterprises that can prosper by operating in greater harmony with the natural environment. The Natural Step for Business illuminates principles to guide this quest. Even more important in these times of sometimes momentous transition, it examines four successful corporations quietly leading by example. I believe this book will eventually stand out as a watershed of sorts, not only as a provocative glimpse of what is being accomplished by a few, but as a spark to the imaginations of a great many more."
Peter M. Senge, Senior Lecturer, MIT; Chairperson, Society for Organizational Learning;
Author The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.

"The Natural Step for Business should be compulsory reading for all those concerned for the future of our planet. It provides a crisp, clear and powerful analysis of how four corporations in very different businesses have taken responsibility for their role in our shared future and successfully integrated their business goals with environmental sustainability. I congratulate the authors for making a valuable contribution that will be read by corporate leaders for many years to come."
Nicholas B. Sonntag, President, CH2M HILL Canada, Former Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute

"This book illustrates in a profound way how The Natural Step framework has helped shape a new strategy for four diverse companies who are pioneers in the sustainable business movement. The authors not only deliver The Natural Step framework with real clarity but have also developed deep insights into how four very diverse organizations have used the framework to profit from cooperation with ecology."
Sarah Severn, Global Director, Nike Environmental Action Team

The Natural Step is a lucid, science-based way to marry sustainability with value. Now we have practical examples of how leading businesses are using its principles to create exceptional competitive advantage.
Amory B. Lovins
Director of Research
Rocky Mountain Institute
"This book provides easy-to-understand concepts of lasting value because it helps people see the relationship between their daily activities and larger environmental issues."
Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Chair, Future 500.

"This books is a valuable resource for a variety of readers, from the uninitiated in The Natural Step framework, to the academic seeking a sustainable development perspective, to the TNS trainers and corporate practitioners. One is guided through the fundamentals of The Natural Step framework in the context of the learning organization, the evolutionary corporation, and other concepts and approaches that have formed industry’s sustainability learning curve. I strongly endorse this book as a timely, thoughtful and articulate contribution to the body of evidence in support of The Natural Step."
Beth Beloff, Executive Director, Institute for Corporate Environmental Management, University of Houston;
Managing Director, BRIDGES to Sustainability

"This book is a compelling interweaving of the disciplines of organizational learning in action, to support corporate breakthroughs in sustainable development. The learning histories of four companies are presented as engaging stories, with the kind of evocative details and human challenges that make for wonderful reading, insights, and learning."
Bryan Smith, Co-author with Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.

"The Natural Step For Business examines how four very successful "evolutionary" corporations in Sweden and the United States are positioning themselves for long-term competitiveness using The Natural Step as a central part of their corporate strategy. It provides business leaders with the practical tools they need to build a sustainable business by increasing operating efficiencies; reducing costs; decreasing their impact on the natural environment; and increasing employee morale, loyalty and their effectiveness as resource gatekeepers. Nattrass and Altomare puncture the myth that a company must choose between profitability and care for the natural environment and present a timely and practical application of this exciting model for global sustainability."
The Simple Living Network

"In my mind there are few more challenging and demanding scientific tasks than to study systematically the driving forces behind sustainable development along with strategies, tools, stumbling blocks, common denominators for success and other important aspects of sustainable development in every-day business. And it is yet another challenging task to make these findings easy to understand and relevant to a wide audience. I am deeply grateful to Brian Nattrass and Mary Altomare for giving themselves the demanding task of producing the first implementation study of The Natural Step framework in business. They have answered many questions that we have had and posed new and important questions for future studies."
Karl Henrik-Robèrt, Founder and Chair of The Natural Step

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