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The US Army’s Installation Sustainability Program seeks to achieve a positive balance between environmental stewardship and military readiness. The success of this program was acknowledged and honored in the Spring of 2003 by receipt of both the 2002 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award, the Army’s highest honor for excellence in environmental stewardship, and the 2002 Secretary of Defense Environmental Award.


  • We designed and delivered sustainability workshops and briefings for a number of major US Army installations as part of the Installation Sustainability Program, including Ft. Bragg, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Hood, Ft. Lewis, and Ft. McPherson.
  • We conducted sustainability briefings for senior officers and other key personnel at the Pentagon, and sustainability workshops for key personnel on the installations.
  • We designed and led sessions on strategic planning and development of installation sustainability focus areas; development of metrics, goals and targets; training and coaching support for sustainability champions, practitioners and change agents on the installations; strategy development for community engagement in the region surrounding the installations; training on being an effective change agent; training and consulting on developing meaningful sustainability metrics
  • We provide on-going coaching to support Installation Sustainability Program staff; advising on integration of sustainability into installation strategic planning; and on-going coaching and advising for further project development.

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