Employee Engagement

We guide an organization’s executives and internal resources in developing compelling arguments for sustainability and greater corporate responsibility, which will help to galvanize broad-based support for the initiative within the organization.

Our employee engagement services range from comprehensive executive planning, to process facilitation, to employee education, to operational implementation.

  • We meet each organization ‘where it is’ and assist leaders to develop a sustainability vision, strategy, set of guiding principles, and a detailed implementation plan.
  • We help assess the current level of sustainability in its operations.
  • We assist identification of areas where greatest exposure to risk exists.
  • We help spot best opportunities for early wins so that immediate impacts on revenues, expenses, and market share can be demonstrated and used to sustain focus and support for the initiative.
  • We assist the responsible persons in planning how the organization can best integrate sustainability upstream and downstream in its industry value chain, in alignment with and supporting the organization’s current vision, mission, and success factors.
  • We guide senior teams to prioritize the organization’s initiatives and provide ongoing consulting support throughout the implementation of sustainability strategies and plans.
  • We build the organization’s internal capability so that sustainability thinking becomes woven into the fabric of the organization.

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